five signs your website needs work

In this age of technology, it is no secret that the world of internet marketing is fast becoming a growing entity of the future. Just as the average physical business needs upkeep and maintenance, so does even the simplest of websites. Whether you are a lifestyle blogger or a large e-commerce mega-store, your website needs monthly, weekly, and sometimes even daily upkeep.

The World Wide Web is a constantly evolving entity; even more so than the average fad or trend. So much so, that internet scholars working on degrees in web design often find themselves behind the times by the time they graduate! It is for this reason that we have narrowed down five primary signs that your website may need some work.

Is your website outdated?

Like businesses themselves, websites need to be kept up to date, maintained, and refreshed. A website cannot be just put together and slapped up on the internet indefinitely. Like standing water, it will stagnate and become stale information. As your coveted audience stops by your web page, they will see the same old stuff and move on. Also known as “bounce rate,” this means that Google analytics measures the amount of time your visitors stay on your web pages. For example, a 50 percent bounce rate means that 50 percent of your visitors are not engaging or spending any time on your site. Hence, the need to update: by this, I mean: maintain current content, relevant images, and engaging messages.

Is your website “mobile responsive”?

Mobile responsive? What exactly does “mobile responsive” mean?

It is a fact that the average consumer spends more time navigating Google and social media on iPhones and tablets, than on a standard desktop or PC. Therefore, in order to reach more consumers, businesses need to make their websites visible on both iPhones and tablets, as well as laptops. If your website is “responsive”, it will be not only visible, but navigable and readable on any device screen, in any browser. Speaking of Google, Google actually penalizes websites that are neither responsive nor have SSL. (https in their URL; not HTTP)

Does your website have effective SEO?

SEO, as you probably already know, means “Search Engine Optimization”.

What “Search Engine Optimization” basically means is how search engines, like Google, rank your website and make it more visible to your audience. Since Google functions by algorithm, one never knows exactly what will make a site rank higher than another, but we can take a pretty good guess. With handy WordPress plugins like Yoast, and an attentive website developer, your website can rank higher on Google–get closer to page one of the search engine–and ultimately get more eyes on your business. Let’s face it, when searching for something on Google, how often do you keep searching till you get to page nine or ten?

Is your website easy to navigate?

This may seem a no-brainer, but there few things more frustrating than getting lost on a large website. Unfortunately, this happens more often than not. A front page may take forever to load. Buttons that may be vaguely marked don’t open to the correct page or post. Even more annoying is not being able to get back to what we were searching for in the first place! What starts as an exciting opportunity quickly becomes a bad experience, and we can’t leave the site fast enough. Time to have a professional give it a once-over.

Is your website reaching your audience?

Finally, and probably most importantly, is your message getting across? Are you reaching the very individuals you have spent so much time and effort into connecting to? In other words, you may have beautiful images, and pristine SEO, but are you turning that precious traffic into conversions. Conversions is what a truly effective website produces in the long run. It is the deep sense of satisfaction in knowing that our work has paid off. Whether for positive feedback, happy customers, or higher income levels, we want our website to finally reach our ultimate goal.

Have other suggestions or issues? Please let us know in the comments! We appreciate and welcome feedback!



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